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Mighty Fast 1 is the way to go when time is of the essence and child play is not optional! Mighty Fast 1 infuses herbs into your base of choice in just 45 minutes. Using High & Mighty technology, Mighty Fast 1 blends, cooks and ultimately infuses allowing you the freedom of going about your business when sitting and waiting around is not your preference. As William Shakespeare said it best, though she be but little she is fierce. That is Mighty Fast 1.

Mighty Fast 2 allows your herbs to infuse for a 90 minute cycle, again incorporating the same technology used in Mighty Fast 1. It gives you the option to let your herbs hang out and bathe in your base of choice for a longer period of time, this gives your end product an even better taste and quality. Increased time enables the infusion process to mix and mingle for a greater length of time thus developing a mightier end product. That is Mighty Fast 2.

Behold, the Mighty Long. The last of our infusion cycles is the Mighty Long 4 hour timed cycle. Again, using the same technology as with our Mighty Fast 1 and Mighty Fast 2 cycles, this option gives you the freedom to workout, take a nap, pay your taxes, watch whatever reality TV marathon happens to be on that day, all while you give your herbs 4 hours to unite under one roof.

Mighty Clean is our quick wipe down of the inner workings of the unit. Your infuser will require additional cleansing by hand however the Mighty Clean cycle will get your infuser started on this.

The Mighty Fast Infuser by High and Mighty Enterprises was created and produced with the philosophy that in today ever evolving world all of us should feel empowered to take charge of our health and cooking. Personal choice was a big factor in determining how to develop our infuser. There is a tremendous amount of information out there in the world. At High & Mighty fully believes in personal choice. We've logged in the research time trying to pin down exact scientific times and temperatures to create the best infusions. From this research we can confidently tell you that just as you feel that you have nailed down the correct time to cook your infusion and temperature to cook it at, you will inevitably find someone else who will tell you that they did it completely different than you and too yielded a useful product. We've taken the guesswork out of the equation and handed you a fantastic option, choice.

Package Contains

Might Herbal Infuser
Measuring Cup
Official Cookbook

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